TM Krishna’s book released

It was anything but a regular book launch. There was an air of informality, with the young crowd sat on the floor for a better view. The cultural fiesta in the offing, was to kick off the release of Reshaping Art, musician TM Krishna’s latest outing exploring art’s agency in affecting social change. Writer Perumal Murugan launched the book, speaking of his camaraderie with Krishna. He wondered how Krishna manages to write so much and travel around giving kutcheris at the same time. “It makes a full-time writer like me feel guilty,” he laughed. Murugan observed that in any subject, it is important to create discussions, and one sees that in Krishna’s writing and music. “Art creates a space for discussion. In Krishna’s kutcheris, which I have attended, I have noticed how he sings. His music creates that same space for discussion.” Krishna also mentioned how he benefited from his interactions with artistes from other fields, while writing the book. “It is not specifically on Carnatic music. It looks at multiple art forms, which occupy different social spheres. The objective of the book is not to say this is wrong or right, but to question what we believe is constantly right. Or what we do not even bother to question. And in that search, the hope is that individuals, artistes, experience and art itself can maybe fly a little freer.”